Another look at contracts

On Wednesday I submitted a map that attempted to show the highest total value contracts in Major League Baseball history.  Predictably, New York was pretty crowded, but overall it played out well.

Yesterday, Twitter acquaintance Joel Luckhaupt (@jluckhaupt) wondered aloud what a map using the highest annual average contracts would look like, so I thought I’d find out:

Avg Ann Contract Value Map

Compare to previous map, if you like.

Some new teams are represented (Seattle, Milwaukee), though more were eliminated, which makes some sense considering dollars per season is a little more difficult for the mid and small market teams to get in on.  Overall it looks fairly similar in most cases, with the northeast getting even more attention.  There is less differentiation between bubble sizes this time around since we were working within a range of $18 – $28 million instead of $100 – $275 million.  Also kind of forgot about those one-year Clemens contracts.  Funny.

An enjoyable and enlightening process, again.

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