Reds Payroll Pie Version 3.0

Bob spent some money last night…

2012 Reds Payroll Pie 1-11-12

Of course, a few changes since last time:

  • Wood’s league-minimum salary is out.
  • Marshall’s $3.1 million makes a small dent; Madson becomes the 4th highest paid Red in 2012, nudging ahead of Scott Rolen.
  • Last time there was some fudging around bench players and relievers.  I don’t pretend to know who will round out the Opening Day roster, but I did limit it to 25 players this time, allowing for two more relievers and three bench players not listed by name.
  • Surplus is gone, folks.  Can’t say I’m aware of any master plan at this point.  Sounds like they still want a cheap veteran OFer.

The Reds clock in at around $86 million as of now, already a 6%-ish increase from last year.  Obviously a few million dollars in payroll doesn’t really affect fans directly, but if management is expecting more seats to be filled this year, I hope we can come through.  If I was in Cincinnati I’d be looking into some sort of season ticket package as we speak.

UPDATE: So as details around the Madson signing continue to leak out, Mark Sheldon reports that the 2012 figure is only $6 million(!!!), with a mutual option for 2013 of $11 million, and a $2.5 million buyout.  That’s $8.5 guaranteed, which is the number I cited above.  Not completely accurate, but you get the idea.

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